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Personalized attention at a multi-specialty law firm

GIRÁN ABOGADOS & ASOCIADOS (GA&A) is a law firm that offers a variety of law specialties that work in an integrated way, continuously analyzing not only the legal and jurisprudence environment, but also the political, economic and social environment of the country and region, to advise its clients in decision-making and dispute resolution

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Focused on corporate legal advice

All organizations will find value in Girán Abogados & Asociados service proposals:

  • Preventive advice on legal problems: Strategy and planning.
  • Representation and defense before courts and public bodies.
  • Consulting for the establishment and maintenance of companies.
  • Comprehensive management of labour issues: Collective and individual contracts, payroll, selection of executives
  • Advice on comprehensive protection and risk prevention: Diagnosis, planning and fulfillment of formal duties.
  • Advice on foreign investment regime: Capital registration and dividend channeling.
  • Tax and customs planning and advice.
  • Compliance advice for non-financial companies.
  • Management and advice on copyright and intellectual property.
  • Comprehensive maritime legal advice and assistance.