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Girán Lawyers: Today

Girán Abogados & Asociados is a modern firm, managed with close proximity and incorporating in an integrated way a variety of specialties, like any large firm, intelligently taking advantage of digital channels to serve corporate clients in Venezuela and the world.

Here are some of GA&A’s services:

  • Consulting for the establishment of companies.
  • Comprehensive management of labor matters.
  • Preventive and defensive advice of legal problems.
  • Advice on comprehensive protection and risk prevention.
  • Management and advice on copyright and intellectual property.
  • Advice on foreign investment regime.

The History of the Firm

In 1977, lawyers Enrique Girán Hernández and Luis Enrique Ludovic founded Girán & Ludovic, a law firm specializing in Labor Law and Labor Advice. Upon Ludovic’s time the firm becomes Girán Abogados & Asociados.

Second Generation: Evolution

Lawyer Maryolga Girán Cortez – daughter of the founder – joined in 1988 to initially take over the Litigation Department of Girán Abogados & Asociados, and when Enrique Girán died in 1999 assumed the general management of the firm with his main partner, lawyer Aníbal Mejía.

Lawyers were incorporated in 2011.
Gustavo Omaña Parés
Ylse Lemus Rodríguez,
and with them the Department of Maritime Law is inaugurated. Later the lawyer
Alicia González joins,
in order to open the Tax Law Department.

The Third Generation and Beyond

In 2018 the lawyer
Gianni Lanzillotta Girán
– grandson of Enrique Girán, and son of Maryolga Girán Cortez – who opens the Department of Administrative and Constitutional Law , joined the firm.

Finally, in 2019, the lawyers added to the firm.
Gustavo Rodríguez Rodríguez
Alejandro Rodríguez Rangel,
father and son of recognized career in the labor area, to strengthen the Department of Labour Law.

Enrique Girán - founder of Girán Abogados

Enrique Girán Hernández (1929 – 1999), Founding Partner

GA&A customers

Girán Abogados & Asocidos represents the domestic or foreign private company, regardless of its geographical location and number of workers, whether in the industrial, financial, commercial or service sectors. It rarely represents private customers.

Oil and mining companies, air transport companies, telecommunications and print media; banks and financial institutions; advertising agencies; engineering and construction; medical services; computer companies; marketers and distributors of various products among many others. Within the industrial and manufacturing activity in chemistry and petrochemicals, automotive, textiles and clothing; graphs, food, pharmaceuticals and the like.

Our information bodies


Contingent publication aimed at clients and managers of Human Resources (HR), aimed at facilitating the practical interpretation of legal provisions, decisions issued by administrative bodies, courts and the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ).

Extraordinary Circulars

Occasional communication to explain new legal provisions and the change of jurisprudence criteria that affect the activities of our clients, providing practical suggestions and forms for their interpretation.