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Girán Abogados & Asociados takes pride in the personalized attention from its partners, while offering a variety of specialties that work in an integrated way to meet the legal and business needs of its clients.

Taken together, this group of experienced lawyers continuously analyses the political, economic and social environment of the country and region, to advise on decision-making with the support of reliable information.

Labour Law

GA&A provides advice and planning on Human Resources (HR), collective and individual procurement, compensation, benefits, rights and duties of employees and employers, assistance and representation of companies in front of courts and public bodies.

Labor Law has been the flag of GA&A and our directors actively participate in the labor commissions of Fedecámaras, Conindustria and Venamcham.

Specialty led by lawyer Maryolga Girán Cortez,with more than 30 years of experience.

Maritime Law

Advice and assistance in legal and administrative processes, litigation, arbitration, administrative procedures and procedures, maritime contracts, chartering, registration and insurance of ships, naval mortgages, customs, professional accompaniment in the purchase and sale of ships, maritime labour law and other areas related to maritime, fishing and port activities.

It also provides assistance to shipowners, shipping companies, shipping agencies, shipyards, local and foreign fishing and insurance companies.

Led by lawyer Gustavo Omaña Parés,with more than 20 years of experience.

Maritime Law Girán Abogados
Labor Law at Girán Abogados

Tax and Customs Law

Advice and assistance in tax planning for the establishment of companies, as well as in its corporate organization, designing tax defense strategies in administrative and judicial headquarters.

It also provides assistance and planning in customs procedures for the import and export of goods and in the formulation of consultations with the Tax and Customs Administration.

It also provides up-to-date information on legal rules and case law on tax and customs matters; as well as analysis of standards of comparative international law.

This specialty is led by lawyer Alicia González Quintero,with more than 20 years of experience.

Constitutional and Administrative Law

Advice on compliance with regulatory matters, public services, reporting, contentious-administrative resources, administrative procedures, and negotiation with public administration bodies.

It also assists and represents companies in legal proceedings against public administration bodies.

Led by lawyer Gianni Lanzillotta Girán,with more than 10 years of experience.

Commercial Law

Permanent legal advice on day-to-day activities that may arise in companies: negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts; incorporation of Commercial Companies and restructuring of companies (divisions, mergers and acquisitions), as well as reform of statutes, drafting of the minutes of ordinary and extraordinary assemblies; advice on creditor tendering processes and debt refinancing; transmission or acquisition of companies (due dilligences); advice to the Boards of Companies and preparation of shareholder meetings; corporate transactions: partner-to-partner agreements, capital expansions or reductions; reviews, drafts and negotiates all kinds of commercial contracts of the company, and processes all kinds of licenses that the company needs to operate; provides mediation for disputes with customers, employees or suppliers; and represents legally and judicially all kinds of companies.

In addition, the Commercial Law Department of GIAN ABOGADOS & ASOCIADOS provides advice and representation of national and international insurance and reinsurance, in the attention of claims that occurred within venezuelan territory; negotiation and preparation of transaction contracts on behalf of local insurers related to compensation and compensation for damages caused to third parties.

Led by lawyer Alejandro Rodríguez Rangel, with more than 20 years of experience.


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